My Pets

Okay!  I will start with Pinky first then I will end it with our newest pet!


This is Pinky!

She is our mommy cat of MANY litters!

She loves all her kittens! ❤

She is always there to keep you happy and she would NEVER try to hurt you on purpose.

She is such a sweet heart.

Her favorite food would be Temptations!  But aren’t those all cats favorite treats?! 😛

And we guess that she is around three – four years old.

We don’t know for sure because we rescued her.

Also if you want to know more on her story please tell me in the comments!



Roxie is a German Wirehaired Pointer!

And yes she is a pure breed.

She is a SUPER sweet dog!  And yet she is super stubborn. 😛

But over all she is the best dog we could ever ask for! ❤

She has only had one litter of puppies so far and I think she really enjoys them!

But yet she is sometimes sick of them! 😛

I don’t know how that works….  She loves them and then she doesn’t! XD

She is  one year old but in May she will be 2 years old!

And I don’t know what her favorite treat is!  She loves them all. 😛

What to know something about her?  Please leave a comment on what it is!



This is my baby kitten, Bear!

He is an AMAZING cat!  I love him SO MUCH!

He is one of Pinky’s kittens.

He is SO funny, he still nurses on Pinky!!!

He is so weird!

He will be one year old next year the day before Easter!

And his favorite treat would be Temptations too.

If you would like to know anything else about them please leave me a comment!

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