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Eight New Mouths To Feed!


Hi, guys!  GUESS WHAT?!  We have eight puppies!


Roxie just had them today!  They are so cute!


Awwwww!!!!!  I can’t wait until they are three weeks old, then they are so much fun to play with!  I still need to figure out their names though, you guys gave me a lot of great options!  Sorry that this post is kinda short…  I got to go and make sure Roxie doesn’t sit or lay on them.  Well, enjoy the rest of your day, bye!



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Help Me Pick Names For Roxie’s Puppies! 🐶

Yes!  Roxie is pregnant!  She will be having puppies in about two months.  The breeder said she will have about double the amount of puppies as her last litter, what was four (one died though).  I have four siblings so we will each name two puppies.  So I need help to pick names for the puppies! 😀  They are German Wirehair Pointers puppies and they are so cute!  Here are so me pictures of the last litter.

Help Name Puppies!1Help Name Puppies!2Help Name Puppies!3Help Name Puppies!4

Aren’t they adorable?!

Please comment what names would be great for them, boy and girl names.

Thank you!