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Hi!  Sorry for not posting for almost two months…  I have been so busy lately!  I’m back now and I have some pictures of the puppies Roxie had about four months ago!  Sorry that these pictures are late.





Aren’t they all so cute?  Roxie had eight puppies so they were a lot of work!  So here are their names.












They are characters from Phineas and Ferb!  If you don’t know what that is, it’s a cartoon TV show that’s pretty funny!  If you ever get the chance to watch it…  Watch it! 😛  Sorry that I didn’t use any of the names you guys gave me. 😦  My parents wanted to do a theme.  Sorry about that.  Now for some news!  We are keeping a puppy!  It’s Bella!  She is so cute and fun!  I will post more pictures of her soon.  Roxie was pretty lonely so that’s why we kept her.  Well, I hope you guys will have an awesome day, bye!


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No Posts Until September 1st… :(

Hi guys.  I will be taking about two months off of no internet. 😦  So I won’t be able to post.  I’m getting a horse in a few days (link to the post Some News You Want To Hear! ), so I need to spend time with it and stuff.  Sorry about that!  I’ll try to post on September 1st (my birthday).  I’ll make sure I take a bunch of pictures of the puppies and the horse!  Talk to you guys soon, bye.



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Some News You Want To Hear! (I Got A Horse!)

HI!!!!!!!!!!!!  Guess what?!?!?!?!  I GOT A HORSE!!!!!!!!!  It’s amazing!  Over five years I have been wanting one and now I’m getting one!  It’s crazy!  He will be coming to my house in about ten days!  Okay, now for the details.  His name is Deezle, he’s an appaloosa, he is five years old, he is green broke, and he is such a sweet heart!  The first moment I saw him, I fell in love with him!  He is so pretty!  He is kind of a buckskin, but yet he has white on him.  He kinda looks like a giant s’more!  Here is a picture of him:


Isn’t he cute?!  My dad is building a barn right now and I’m helping, so I won’t be able to post this week or next week.  Sorry about that. 😦  I just can’t wait until he comes!  Also, I don’t want to make anyone jealous with this post.  If I have, I’m sorry. ❤  I just wanted to show you guys what I got!  Have a great evening, bye!


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Some Sad News.


Hi, guys.  Your probable wondering what I mean by sad news.  Okay.  Jack died. Crying Face on Twitter Twemoji 2.3  My dad had to put him down.  He was very sick and didn’t look good at all.  He also wasn’t being very nice to our cats.  It was a sad day, especially for Roxie.  They were friends.  Well, now you know.  R.I.P. Jack.