New Here?


Hi!  I’m kaitlynrh1!  I’m from Kaits AG Crafts, if my name sounds familiar! 😛  Here is where all kinds of paws, hoofs, or fins are welcome!    Okay!  Now I will tell you a little bit about my self!

Okay!  Here we go! 😛

I’m a tween blogger who LOVE all pets and animals (and AG dolls)!  If you would ask me what my dream pet is (or animal) I would have to say a horse or a dolphin!  I know they are both very different but they are just some of my favorites! 😛  My favorite food is bacon (sorry pigs), cotton candy, crepes, and pretty much any desserts!  Like cheesecake!!!  Yum!  Oh!  And my dream job would be working with dolphins (but that would be a hard job to do for being in a cold climate), or being a horse trainer!!!  Also, if you want to see anything else on my blog please tell me in the comments!  Thanks for stopping bye!!!



19 thoughts on “New Here?

  1. Hi Kaitlin, your blog is seriously downright adorable! I’ve never been on an animal blog before, so yours is really cool to explore! Working with dolphins or horses, would agreeably be an amazing career 😉 I’m excited to follow you so I’ll get to read your newest posts!
    Have fun and good luck with your blog,
    Sarah ❤

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