My Top Pet DIYs

Hi!  Your probably are thinking “Is she sick?!  This is her second post today”!  No, I’m not sick. 😛  I just want to post more on here now!  I also LOVE my new blog design. ❤  It is way better than my other design.  My other one was just boring. 😦  Anyways….  In this post I will be showing you guys my top ten favorite cat/dog DIYs.  So let’s get on with the post!

(P.S.  These are not my pictures.)


First I will start with the cats.

This DIY Homemade Cat Scratching Post was just too darn awesome not to share! If you have a cat (or a few), they are sure to love this, as is your wallet.:

(1) DIY Homemade Cat Scratching Post 

DIY Cat Teepee (How to Build a Tipi). Brought to you by @Target #1StopPetShop #ad //

(2) DIY Cat Teepee Tutorial

DIY Felt Mouse Cat Toy Tutorial from MichaelsMakers  Lia Griffith:

(3) Felt Mouse DIY Cat Toy


(4) Easy DIY Cat Tent

Learn how to make the easiest DIY no-sew cat toys! [AD] #MyCatMyMuse:

(5) DIY No-Sew Cat Toys

(Now for the dogs!)

Dog Toy DIY: How to Weave a Square Knot Tug Toy (Includes Instructions, Pictures, and Diagram):

(6) Dalmatian DIY: DIY for Dogs: Square Knot Fleece Tug Toy

DIY dog toys - make this easy no sew ball and tug toy from an old t-shirt and tennis ball!:

(7) Your dog will love this DIY tug toy!

How to make a ball and rope dog toy:

(8) How to make a ball and rope dog toy

Turn an old tire into a dog bed! This looks so easy to do!

(9) DIY Dog Bed From A Recycled Tire!

DIY dog bed - fun design

(10) DIY Sweatshirt Pet Bed

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Please tell me in the comments what your favorite DIY is?!



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