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My top pet DIYs

Hi!  Your probably are thinking “Is she sick?!  This is her second post today”!  No, I’m not sick. 😛  I just want to post more on here now!  I also LOVE my new blog design. ❤  It is way better than my other design.  My other one was just boring. 😦  Anyways….  In this post I will be showing you guys my top ten favorite cat/dog DIYs.  So let’s get on with the post!

(P.S.  These are not my pictures.)


First I will start with the cats.

This DIY Homemade Cat Scratching Post was just too darn awesome not to share! If you have a cat (or a few), they are sure to love this, as is your wallet.:

(1) DIY Homemade Cat Scratching Post 

DIY Cat Teepee (How to Build a Tipi). Brought to you by @Target #1StopPetShop #ad //

(2) DIY Cat Teepee Tutorial

DIY Felt Mouse Cat Toy Tutorial from MichaelsMakers  Lia Griffith:

(3) Felt Mouse DIY Cat Toy


(4) Easy DIY Cat Tent

Learn how to make the easiest DIY no-sew cat toys! [AD] #MyCatMyMuse:

(5) DIY No-Sew Cat Toys

(Now for the dogs!)

Dog Toy DIY: How to Weave a Square Knot Tug Toy (Includes Instructions, Pictures, and Diagram):

(6) Dalmatian DIY: DIY for Dogs: Square Knot Fleece Tug Toy

DIY dog toys - make this easy no sew ball and tug toy from an old t-shirt and tennis ball!:

(7) Your dog will love this DIY tug toy!

How to make a ball and rope dog toy:

(8) How to make a ball and rope dog toy

Turn an old tire into a dog bed! This looks so easy to do!

(9) DIY Dog Bed From A Recycled Tire!

DIY dog bed - fun design

(10) DIY Sweatshirt Pet Bed

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Please tell me in the comments what your favorite DIY is?!




Hi, I'm Kaitlyn! I'm a teen blogger who love crafting, Jesus, AG dolls and pets. I am a main blogger at Kaits AG Crafts and I have a two other blogs called "Paws All In" and "My Life As The Daughter Of The True King". You can find stuff about American Girl dolls, pets and my lifestyle on my blogs. So if you like that sort of stuff, be sure to check them out! Thanks for taking the time to read, and hopefully I will here from you soon! Bye! <3

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