A Day In My Life (Pinky)

Hi, humans!  Its me, Pinky, Kaitlyn’s favorite pet! 😛  Kaitlyn asked me to do a post on a day in my life,so here it is!  I hope you will enjoy my post!  And I am very sorry if some of the pictures are blurry, I just can’t stand still!



So here is my favorite napping spot on Mom’s bed  I also love rolling on it!  Okay moving on…


Follow me.


Okay.  This spot is top secret so you can’t tell anyone!!!!!!!


The food area.  This is where I eat (if you didn’t know)

Okay!  Moving on.


This is where I stare outside to spot any mice.  I have had enough of that.


Now I will show you my other napping spot.


Come on!


Here it is!  In Mom’s, Mom’s clean clothes! 😛

As you can see my life is VERY exciting!

I hope you liked my first post!

Bye! =^..^=


I hope you enjoyed Pinky’s post!  Also I’m SO sorry that I haven’t posted for 21 days!  So sorry!  I  have been SO busy!  So yeah.  Thanks for reading!



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