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A Day In My Life (Pinky)

Hi, humans!  Its me, Pinky, Kaitlyn’s favorite pet! 😛  Kaitlyn asked me to do a post on a day in my life,so here it is!  I hope you will enjoy my post!  And I am very sorry if some of the pictures are blurry, I just can’t stand still!



So here is my favorite napping spot on Mom’s bed  I also love rolling on it!  Okay moving on…


Follow me.


Okay.  This spot is top secret so you can’t tell anyone!!!!!!!


The food area.  This is where I eat (if you didn’t know)

Okay!  Moving on.


This is where I stare outside to spot any mice.  I have had enough of that.


Now I will show you my other napping spot.


Come on!


Here it is!  In Mom’s, Mom’s clean clothes! 😛

As you can see my life is VERY exciting!

I hope you liked my first post!

Bye! =^..^=


I hope you enjoyed Pinky’s post!  Also I’m SO sorry that I haven’t posted for 21 days!  So sorry!  I  have been SO busy!  So yeah.  Thanks for reading!




Hi, I'm Kaitlyn! I'm a teen blogger who love crafting, Jesus, AG dolls and pets. I am a main blogger at Kaits AG Crafts and I have a two other blogs called "Paws All In" and "My Life As The Daughter Of The True King". You can find stuff about American Girl dolls, pets and my lifestyle on my blogs. So if you like that sort of stuff, be sure to check them out! Thanks for taking the time to read, and hopefully I will here from you soon! Bye! <3

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