Guest Post

Thor My Hermit Crab Sort Of Update/Guest Post // A Guest Post)

Hi, everyone!  Today her on Paws All In we have our first guest post!  I hope you will enjoy  Louise’s pet!



OK first longest title I have ever done!

Second, if that title confused well i’ll explain ( I would of explained anyway😀 ).

OK so Kaits AG Crafts has made a new blog called Paws All In. Its about all her pets. I am doing a guest post on her blog about my pet, Thor, which as you can see from the title of this post is a hermit crab. Shes my little baby! ( Don’t judge her just because shes a girl and has the name Thor which I named her that, you probably already knew that but still😀 )

So lets get on with it.


This is her new cage that she shares with my sister Grace’s hermit crab Pearl.


Thor was being stubborn and wouldn’t come out of her shell.


This is her in her old cage.


Ok so I have a funny story about this picture. Ok so I had these palm trees in her old cage and I would catch just hanging from them like a bat. Its super funny!😀


So that’s Thor.

I hope you liked my pet.

Question of the day:

Do you have a pet, if you do what is it?

Love ya’ll!




Thank you so much for the post, Louise!

Bye for now! 😛



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