Top Breeds

My Five Top Breeds

Hi!  Today I will be doing my top dog breeds and why!

So sit back relax and enjoy!

P.S.  These are not my pictures!

Image result for black labrador

1. Labrador.  These are one of my favorite breeds, because they are great dogs with hunting  and amazing family dogs!

Image result for german wirehaired pointer

2. The German Wirehaired Pointer.  This is an AWESOME breed!!!!  Roxie is this breed and we are so happy we chose her!  And they are excellent hunters because of there nose.

Image result for beagle

3. The Beagle.  Beagles are adorable and playful dogs!  And they always seem to be happy!

Image result for german shepherd

4. German Shepherd.  These dogs are super loyal to there owners and have saved many lives.  But I wouldn’t really recommend them for family dogs.

Image result for border collie

5. The Border Collie.  These are awesome dogs!  And they are super energetic!


I hope you enjoyed this post!  And also those are just my thoughts on the dogs and it doesn’t mean they are all like this.

And also thank you so much for 10 followers already! XD




16 thoughts on “My Five Top Breeds

  1. those are some great dogs! but unfortunately, I don’t really like labs, and a little on guard with beagles, because we owned a cross between the two for less than a week, and he was AWFUL. so sorry dogies, you’re going to have to win back my respect. until, then, I’d rather have a poodle. 😉
    Most crazily, ~Olive

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      1. Yeah:(…but she was in a lot of pain so it was the least we could do 🙂 Then in 2014 we got a 1 year old dachshund/ Affen pinscher mix named Lily!

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