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2 Ways To Keep Flies Away From Horses


Fly season is upon us my equestrian friends.  But have no fear, I’m here!  In this post, I’m going to have a recipe and a product that helps with fly problems. 🙂



Shoofly Leggins.  I just got these yesterday, and I’m so happy with how they work!  We got orange, because that was the only color available and I’m too inpatient, and the size we got was medium for Dezzle and Percy, who are both sixteen hands.  They’re a little bit on the pricey side, $55.00, but it’s for all four legs.



This lemon fly spray recipe is amazing and it’s so easy to make!  Here’s what you need to make it.

1 large mason jar

Spray bottle

Warm water

12 drops lemongrass essential oil

12 drops citronella essential oil

And a little bit of apple cider vinegar


Once you have all your supplies and ingredients, fill up your large mason jar up with warm water.  Then mix in the rest of your ingredients.  I put in a little bit less than 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar into the jar.


Then shake it all up!


Then I just pour some of the fly spay into this spray bottle.  I takes me about two times to empty the jar into the spray bottle.  This is way cheaper than buying fly spray.  And you know what’s all in it too.  But like all fly spray, it doesn’t keep the insects away forever.


Last night, when we first put on the Shoofly Leggins the horses were running around funny because they’ve never had anything on their hooves and legs.  But if your horses are use to that, then I’m sure they will have no trouble with them on.  But our horses have finally figured out that they’re not stomping as much!


Look how happy they are!  What do you do to keep the flies away?  Have a great day, bye!



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Animal Memes

Best Horse Captions & Memes 😆 🐎

Personal Space


Hey guys!  Long time no post…  Well I’m doing another post now so be happy for all you horse lovers out there!  Or should I say y’all?  No, I’ll stick to all. 😉  Just disclaimer, none of these are my photos or memes.  I just found them on Pinterest, by the way, Pinterest is awesome! 😀

my ability to rationalise spending money on my horse be like...

Lol, so true!  Although, I don’t spend that much…  Maybe in my dreams!


So true haha ~Courtesy of: Equestrian Lifestyle Magazine's Facebook page

I love this movie!!!!Its called Heartland. Also 100% TRUE!!!!

love Heartland!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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Don't ride western but

Lol, so true!  That happened to me the other day even!  I was at a canter then my riding instructor said to make him stop.  I regret it! 😆


I hope you guys enjoyed these!  I sure do. 🙂  Talk to y’all soon. 😉  Bye! 😀



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Roxie & The Truck// A Photoshoot


Hey, pet lovers!  How’s your Sunday going?  Mine’s pretty good, because I just took a bunch of pictures of Roxie with the truck and they turned out amazing!  I hope you’ll enjoy them! 🙂







Love this one! ❤




I also took some pictures of the horses! 😉



I love this last picture! 🙂



What do you think of the pictures?  Please tell me in the comments down below.  Bye!



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Animals Of Cuba


Hello, my faithful followers!  How your day going?  I just got back from Cuba so I’m kinda tired.  There in Cuba were a ton of animals, so I took some pictures of them, and I wanted to share them with you guys!  I hope you like them!





So many horses!!!






Cute dogs and cats…



And scary pigeons! XD 😛

Their were more animals roaming around yet but I couldn’t

get any good pictures of them.

Well, have a great day, bye!



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What I’m Planning To Do With This Blog In 2018

What's Happening Here In 2018

Hey guys!  Happy 2018!  I can’t believe 2018 is here already.  So your probable wondering what is happening with this blog this year.  I don’t think I’ll be posting that much on this blog anymore.  Posting on this blog has just turned into a chore.  And the pets aren’t doing anything interesting. 😛  I do like this blog, but like I said before, it has just turned into a chore.  But when the pets have something new happening to them, I’ll be sure to post!  I’m sorry that this is happening, but I’ll still be posting a lot in my other blogs, My Life As The Daughter Of The True King and Kaits AG Crafts.

Sorry, bye.

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