Yes, I’m leaving this blog. It’s not a joke, I wouldn’t joke about leaving. I don’t feel inspired to post on this blog anymore. I want to thank everyone for their support with this blog, and thank you to everyone who commented. I’ll still be posting on Dreaming in a Hayloft and Kaits AG Crafts, I’m just leaving this blog. All of the pets are healthy and doing great, and will be featured occasionally on Dreaming in a Hayloft. I will not be deleting this blog, so you can always come back for a visit. Bye.

~Kaitlyn, Pinky, Bear, Roxie, Deezle & Percy~


What I’m Planning to do with this Blog in 2018

What's Happening Here In 2018

Hey guys!  Happy 2018, I can’t believe 2018 is here already!  Your probable wondering what’s happening with this blog.  I don’t think I’ll be posting that much on this blog anymore.  Posting on this blog has just turned into a chore.  And the pets aren’t doing anything interesting.  I do like this blog, but like I said before, it has just turned into a chore.  But when the pets have something new happening to them, I’ll be sure to post!  I’m sorry that this is happening, but I’ll still be posting a lot on my other blogs, My Life As The Daughter of the True King and Kaits AG Crafts.  Sorry, bye. Continue reading “What I’m Planning to do with this Blog in 2018”